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Fourteen dancers gathered around and staring at one dancer in the middle, pushing her arms out as they fall back dramatically.


Citymoves logo.
Two staff members with their backs to the camera. Crouched to speak to a Higher Dance class, who are sat in a semi circle on the floor.

Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO offers a number of dance styles and various techniques. We have classes that cover all ages, skill levels and abilities, from our open-level Dance Fitness classes to our fast-paced Commercial Jazz class.


Click here to see our live class timetable and book your place today!

New Participants can save £2 on their first class using the code '1ST2024' at checkout! 


We also offer outreach sessions at external venues as part of our Education and Outreach programmes. These are bookable below within the calendar, and further information is provided on the Education and Outreach Page.


Looking for a Performance Group to join? We also operate multiple performance groups, with one sure to match your interests! Click here to find out more about each of our fantastic groups.


The classes are available on a drop-in basis; you're welcome to join at any point!

Check out our class range below:

Please note that our evening studio classes are 16+, with the the exclusion of the youth performance groups.
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In the foreground, button title 'Dance Fitness'.In background, six dancers doing lunges with their arms outstretched.
In the foreground, button title 'Ballet'. In the background, Ballet dancer with her back to the camera.
 In the foreground, button title 'tap'. In the background, picture of tap shoes on someones feet.
In the foreground, button title 'Latin American Dance Class'. In the background, six dancers in Latin American Dance Class.
In foreground, button title 'Dance for Parkinsons'. In background, Dance for Parkinsons class.
Button title 'Commercial Jazz' on a rainbow background.
In foreground, button title 'Contemporary'. In the background, three contemporary dancers in class.
In the foreground, button title 'Mature Moves'. In the background, photo of three dancers doing mature moves class.
Class timetable. For full details, see Bsport.
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