DanceLive - Saturday 16th October

Starcatchers – SPIKE! A Dinosaur Tale 

10:30am: Music Hall 

Spike is the wonderful story of a little girl, her grandmother and her favourite dinosaur – powerfully told through theatrical storytelling and dance. Spike is a brand-new show with original music about the passing of time and the tales that bring families together. 

Tickets can be bought at  

Malcolm Sutherland (credit Malcolm Sutherland).png

Malcolm Sutherland - Ciunas gan Uaigneas (solitude without loneliness) 

11.30am: Aberdeen Art Gallery 

A work in progress. Three bodies emerge from an origin of separateness and venture on a journey of self-discovery arising from distant empty spaces and internal conversations in pursuit of union, connection and the great silence of solitude. 

Fleur Darkin & Corina Wilson – My Friends Take Care of Me Aberdeen 

11.55pm & 2.55pm: Meet outside Schoolhill Sutdio 

A live event that explores hiding in public spaces. 

1pm – 5pm:  The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

All three programmes will be screened in the Lecture Theatre at The Anatomy Rooms during the day. 

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THREE60 – The Evolution of Hip Hop (Excerpts) 

1pm: Marischal Square 

The Evolution of Hip Hop is a story telling journey of hip hop culture and its influences in the world. This piece follows a journey of dancers who showcase the culture through movements   and sound by defining each style of dance and its way of moving. The journey will start from the beginning of time to where hip hop is now and where it will be tomorrow.   

Alice Mary Cooper - Waves  

2pm: The Lemon Tree 

Waves is the tale of Elizabeth Moncello and how, growing up on Gabo Island (Australia) in the 1930s, by emulating fish, penguins and dolphins to learn how to swim, she came to be the unofficial inventor of the butterfly stroke. Combining storytelling, movement and splashes of humour, Waves is about having the courage, desire, and determination to swim against the tide of expectation. An extraordinary tale of a life fully lived. 

Tickets can be bought at  

THREE60 – The Evolution of Hip Hop 

6pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Dissection Room) 

Fleur Darkin & Corina Wilson.jpeg

Fleur Darkin & Corina Wilson – My Friends Take Care of Me 

7.30pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

Fleur Darkin and the five bold performers of daring punk dance-theatre company Grupo Corina Wilson take over one of Buenos Aires’ most beloved old theatres to perform a live premiere of this intimate new work for audiences in Scotland and beyond. My Friends Take Care of Me is a love letter to girlhood, cinema, and a list of complaints about what shout be better.  

Please note: this show contains descriptions of event that some viewers may find traumatic and some partial nudity. Age 12+. 

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Eowyn Emerald & Dancers - Photo Chris Scott.jpg

Triple Bill 

9pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms 

Bridie Gane – Reception 

Two receptionists will little to do. The phone has stopped ringing since the start of the pandemic so, together they create their own entertainment to pass the time whilst also slowly driving each other to madness. Looking at the bizarreness that was office life, back when that was a thing.   


Malcolm Sutherland - Ciunas gan Uaigneas (solitude without loneliness) 


Éowyn Emerald & Dancers - Your Tomorrow 

An entertaining and deeply intimate jazz dance for two performers, “Your Tomorrow” celebrates the private moments, uplifting intimacies and companiable bliss of the relationships that unite us. A buoyant look at how we can meet the challenges that cross us when we have someone to hold us up.