DanceLive-  Sunday 17th October

Sharon Took Zozaya & Randy Klinger – Evolving Perception: from watching to seeing/from moving to forming 

11am – 2pm: The Anatomy Rooms 

 A collaborative workshop with two streams to choose from: Dance (improvisation and choreography) with Sharon Took-Zozaya and Drawing with Randy Klinger. Each stream will cultivate authentic expression and inspire imagination through practices that emphasize the quality of mindful presence, whether as a mover or while drawing. The session will start with all participants in both streams meeting together for some introductory activities. The two groups will then separate to focus on either Dance or Drawing and the workshop will complete with everyone returning to the big group and an opportunity to share work and observations. 

Tickets for this workshop can be reserved in 'Enrollments' through Citymoves Mindbody Account 

12pm – 4pm:  The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

All three programmes will be screened in the Lecture Theatre at The Anatomy Rooms during the day. 

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Just Us Dance Theatre – Born to Protest 

1pm: Outside Marischal College 

Born to Protest aims to dismantle presumptions about the black male and female figure based on intimidation, danger and isolation, revealing instead the charcter traits around fragility, vulnerability and a constant battle to prove oneself. This hypersensitivity of the black body in space is magnified by Born to Protest’s cast of seven perming en-masse to a soundscape which sets up an intense energy with Hip Hop beats and voice over.  

Starcatchers – SPIKE! A Dinosaur Tale 

1:30pm: Music Hall 

Spike is the wonderful story of a little girl, her grandmother and her favourite dinosaur – powerfully told through theatrical storytelling and dance. Spike is a brand-new show with original music about the passing of time and the tales that bring families together. 

Tickets can be bought at 

Greig Matthews & Hannah Grennell - White Swan Pas de deux 

2.30pm: Aberdeen Art Gallery

White Swan Pas de deux is an excerpt from the world famous ballet, Swan Lake. This Pas de deux is the first duet between the prince and the swan queen.  

Greig Matthews and Hannah Grennell 2.jpeg

Just Us Dance Theatre – Born to Protest 

4pm: Outside Aberdeen Art Gallery 

Fleur Darkin & Corina Wilson.jpeg

Fleur Darkin & Corina Wilson – My Friends Take Care of Me 

5pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

Fleur Darkin and the five bold performers of daring punk dance-theatre company Grupo Corina Wilson take over one of Buenos Aires’ most beloved old theatres to perform a live premiere of this intimate new work for audiences in Scotland and beyond. My Friends Take Care of Me is a love letter to girlhood, cinema, and a list of complaints about what should be better.  

Please note: this show contains descriptions of event that some viewers may find traumatic and there is full nudity (for a short, static scene). Age 12+. 

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4 Assembly Roxy. Credit  Chantal Guevara.jpg

Sharon Took-Zozaya/Stamping Zebra Dance Theatre – Shadows and Dappled Light 

6.30pm: The Anatomy Rooms (Dissection Room) 

Moving off the page and into the studio, choreographer Sharon Took-Zozaya's new piece Shadows and Dappled Light explores surface, line, texture and depth of character revealed in Randy Klinger’s finely crafted graphite portraits. Quee MacArthur’s sensitively textured live music provides an evocative sound score for their collaborative experimental work.  

Something Smashing 

7pm: The Anatomy Rooms (Dissection Room) 

Following their online performance for DanceLive 2020 Something Smashing is excited to be bringing a live improvisation performance to Aberdeen for this year’s festival. Curated by Something Smashing organisers Alma Sua Lindenhovius, Graeme Wilson and Skye Reynolds this improvisation performance will consist of various sets bringing together musicians and dancers of the Edinburgh based improvisation platform with local Aberdonians.