DanceLive - Thursday 14th October

Elisabeth Schilling - Invisible Dances Spontaneous Encounters 

10am – 4pm: Outside Aberdeen Art Gallery 


The Invisible Dances is a global initiative inspired by the restrictions put upon theatres and cultural workers during the Covid-19 crisis. Respecting all local sanitary guidelines, the concept invites dance artists to meet for an unannounced performance at night. They make their way dancing through the city followed by so-called tracers who visualise the dance with natural materials or environmentally friendly and biodegradable chalk spray that washes away with the next rain. 


In the morning after the dance has taken place, the cities and streets are clad in colour for the public to enjoy, to dance along and imagine the dances no-one has seen. A “spontaneous encounter” will take place while the traces of the performance are still clearly visible. 

Of Deep and Shallow Main Picture - Alexandra Tsiapi.JPG
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Alexandra Tsiapi – Of Deep and Shallow 

11.30am - 12pm: Aberdeen Art Gallery 

At the bottom of the sea, in water’s moist embrace, I found myself in the womb of my second mother. Where life meets death, transforming in every step, femininity took the form of monsters, nymphs, sirens and goddesses. Let me tell you a few of the world’s stories.

Starcatchers – SPIKE! A Dinosaur Tale 

2:30pm: Music Hall 

Spike is the wonderful story of a little girl, her grandmother and her favourite dinosaur – powerfully told through theatrical storytelling and dance. Spike is a brand-new show with original music about the passing of time and the tales that bring families together. 

Tickets can be bought at - Movement 

5pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

A collective moving image homage to the pioneering contemporary dance diva Margaret Morris (1891-1980) by Scottish and international artists . Programme notes (Movement) - There is a Place/ Simon Fidles  (Director, co-director and editor of (1962 – 2021) 

7pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre).

A celebration of Simon Fildes as the editor and director of short screen dance films. Programme notes (There is a Place) - Scottish Screen Dance / Outwith

9pm: Online & The Anatomy Rooms (Lecture Theatre) 

A selection of Scottish screen dance works drawn from a juried open call.  Programme notes (Outwith

Professional Class - Jemma Stein

9.30am - 11am: Schoolhill Studio

Tickets for this class can be reserved in 'Enrollments' through Citymoves Mindbody Account