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Creative Me Podcast collaborate with Citymoves at DanceLive

Following on from our successful DanceLive festival in it's new digital format, we

are delighted to have Ica Headlam, founder of Creative Me Podcast and We Are Here Scotland, present three DanceLive themed podcasts.

"This podcast is the first of three special conversations in partnership with Citymoves Dance Agency as a part of the DanceLive Digital Festival of Dance. Today my first guest is MC who is a Rapper, Choreographer, Biochemist, and an individual who has an overall positive outlook on life.

It was great to catch up with MC to find out more about all the interesting projects his been involved in over the years in Aberdeen. And a big thanks to the Citymoves team making this happen and providing space to amplify the voices of black creatives in Aberdeen."

Ica Headlam

Listen to the Podcast here>>>


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