Professional Residency Programme

Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO is committed to fostering talent and supporting artists through our professional residency programme. Applications open twice a year for creative, daring and inspiring artists who will develop Aberdeen’s dance community by sharing their work and practice.

We accept a range of applications from those looking for a creative space to experiment, explore and play, to those looking to develop an idea into a performance. Residency opportunities are open to anyone working in dance or performance.

We currently offer three options for residency applicants:

  • Non–Funded

  • Funded

  • Additional Funding

Our residencies offer:

  • One week of studio space in the Schoolhill Studio, Monday-Friday from 9.30-16.30.

  • A £500 stipend for a Funded Residency.

  • Additional Funding is available for those with larger proposals.

  • Ideal for local artists, a Non-Funded Residency would offer studio space in-kind at varying times TBD.


From selected residency artists, Citymoves Dance Agency requires:

  • An Open Professional Class on the Tuesday from 10.00-11.30.

  • An Open Studio Sharing of the work, day and time TBD.


Citymoves Dance Agency predominantly supports individual dance artists and companies living and working in Scotland. We would like you to demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the community of Aberdeen. Examples include: working with local dancers, an additional sharing in a public space, teach a school workshop, or source a local focus group to further your research.

Residency applications will be reviewed twice a year, once in October and once in March. Please bear in mind that if you are unsuccessful in receiving financial help, there are a number of other ways that Citymoves Dance Agency can help including: potential in-kind studio space, mentoring, marketing, business planning and fundraising advice.


A panel of Citymoves Dance Agency staff and a freelance artist, to ensure fairness, will review all residency applications.

Please click this link to download the application form.

Submit your completed application form and CV by email to:

All applications are due 31st October,  and 31st March.

Current Bursary Artists

Bursary Artists & Collaborators
Each receiving small fees to continue their residency work they would have been doing with us during the period of lockdown from March 2020. As their work is filmed and finished we will showcase any video, photos, and text below.

Shaun Stickland - May 2020
Róisín O'Brien - May 2020
Dan Navarro Lorenzo - (Compiling work from 52 dancers worldwide in response to his solo) June 2020
Mhairi Allan - (Working with Ross Whyte and Alex McCabe) June 2020
Jenna Corker (Working with 3 dancers) Finishing end of June 2020
Skye Reynolds and Susan Worsfold - (Engaging with Aberdeen University around a year long artists residency at The Anatomy Rooms in collaboration with Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO) June 2020 
Errol White and Davina Givan - June 2020

Taylor Han - July 2020

Tony Mills - July 2020

Rachel Laird and Clara Cowen - July 2020

Éowyn Emerald & Dancers - July 2020

Hayley Durward and Skye Reynolds - July 2020


During my “Residency from home” I found that I was challenged and pushed differently as a creative, from different space availability to personal mindset. It forced me to think differently and really focus on what it is I want to accomplish and really utilise every small detail and surrounding. I also came to realise that as there was no official sharing of what I was exploring, the pressure of creating something set was lifted and I could just enjoy exploring the movement and thought process. I am extremely excited to pursue the creation even further and I cannot wait until we can all share and appreciate live dance again soon.

I would very much like to thank Citymoves (Dance Agency SCIO) for still supporting artists through this uncertain time, its organisations like this who really are pillars of support in the artistic community that others really should strive to be like.


 - Shaun Stickland

Residency Artists

Summer 2020

Róisín O'Brien - October, 2020

Kirsty Russell & Zsa Zsa - October, 2020

Errol White & Davina Givan - September, 2020

Jenna Corker - September, 2020

Mhairi Allan - September, 2020

Laura Booth & Katie Taylor - August, 2020

Taylor Han & Alex Paton- August, 2020

Rachel Laird & Clara Cowen - August, 2020

Shaun Stickland - August, 2020

Éowyn Emerald - July, 2020

Bursary Artists
- During Covid-19 Period -

 Shaun Stickland - May, 2020

Róisín O'Brien - May, 2020

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo - June, 2020

Mhairi Allan - June 2020

Jenna Corker - June 2020

Skye Reynolds & Susan Worsfold - June 2020

Errol White & Davina Givan - June, 2020

Taylor Han - July, 2020

Tony Mills - July 2020

Rachel Laird and Clara Cowen - July 2020

Éowyn Emerald & Dancers - July 2020

Hayley Durward and Skye Reynolds - July 2020

Winter 2020

Róisín O'Brien - 21st & 22nd, 27th-29th March, 2020

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo - 23rd-27th March, 2020

Jenna Corker - 16th-20th March, 2020

Kirsten Walker - 9th-13th March, 2020

Shaun Stickland - 2nd-6th March, 2020

Rachel Laird & Clara Cowen - 24th-28th February, 2020

Tommy Small - 17th-21st February, 2020

Amy Longmuir & Saya Yamaguchi - 10th-14th February, 2020

Mhairi Allan -  5th & 7th February, 2020

Skye Reynolds & Hayley Durward- 30th Jan. & 12th & 13th Feb., 2020

White & Givan - 20th-31st January, 2020

Laura Booth & Katie Taylor - 6th-10th January, 2020

Winter 2019

Gwynne Bilski - 18th-22nd March, 2019

Tamsyn Russell - 11th-15th March, 2019

Elisabeth Schilling - 25th February - 1st March, 2019

Fiona So Paing & Jo Gilbert  - 11th-13th February, 2019


Róisín O'Brien - 4th-8th February, 2019

Katie Armstrong - 28th January - 1st February, 2019

Lynn Shaw - 21st-26th January, 2019

Suzi Cunningham - 14th-18th January, 2019

Claricia Parinussa - 7th-11th January, 2019

Éowyn Emerald Barrett - January - March, 2019

Reckless Sleepers - October, 2018

Summer 2019

Charlotte McLean - 23rd-27th September, 2019

Niamh O'Loughlin - 16th-20th September, 2019

Suzi Cunningham - 2nd-6th September, 2019

Maria Palliani - 26th-31st August, 2019

Thania Acarón & Ross Whyte - 5th-9th August, 2019

Magaret Preston & Collaborators - 31st Aug. & 1st/7th & 8th Sept., 2019

Mhairi Allan & Heather Fulton - 22nd-26th July , 2019

Jack Webb - 15th-19th July, 2019

Joel O'Donoghue - 24th-28th June, 2019

Róisín O'Brien - 17th-21st June, 2019

Daniel Navarro Lorenzo - 29th April-3rd May, 2019

Summer 2018

Imaginate - 1st-5th October, 2018

Tommy Small - 17th-28th September , 2018

Skye Reynolds - 27th-31st August, 2018

Éowyn Emerald Barrett - June-July, 2018

Rosanna Irving - 28th May - 1st June, 2018

Imogene Newland & Kate Steenhauer - 16th-20th April , 2018

White & Givan - 26th-30th April, 2018

Katie Milroy - 26th-31st April, 2018




Sara Kemal - 10th-14th July , 2017

Elisabeth Schilling - 3rd-7th July, 2017

Kathryn Spence - 19th-23rd June, 2017

Lynn Shaw - April 2017

Claire Cunningham - March 2017

Joan Cleville - February 2017

Karl Jay Lewin - December 2017

Emma Jayne Park - August/December 2016

Julia James-Griffiths - August 2016

Gemma Williams - August 2016

Paolo Maccagno - August 2016


Angharad Jones & Amy Longmuir - July 2016

Bridget McCarthy & Skye Reynolds - July 2016

Alex McCabe - December 2015


Mele Broomes - August 2015

Gemma Williams - July 2015

Jack Webb - July 2015

Evangelia Kolyra - April 2015

Tamsyn Russell - April 2015


Aaron Jeffries - March 2015


Federica Esposito - February 2015

Past Projects

Past projects, performance and festivals

Citymoves presents an annual festival of dance. 

Commissioned Work

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