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Citymoves Digital Archive

Citymoves Dance Agency has been Aberdeen's Home for Dance since 1987. We have curated a small digital archive to honour that legacy. If you would like to know more about CItymoves' History or discuss our wider archives, please email us at  

Gallery Wall

Citymoves 35th Anniverary Exhibition

2022, was Citymoves' 35th Anniverary and a exhibition was created by Barbara Walicka which you can find at the Anatomy Rooms, or view the digital exhibition here: 

Studio with dancers

Past Residencies

Citymoves Provides a space for creative, daring, and inspiring artists who develop Aberdeen’s dance community by sharing their work and practice.

Click below to explore projects from some past residency artists.


Past Projects

Since its inception Citymoves Dance Agency has run a number of projects, festivals, and performances alongside its regular offering of classes and the artist in residency programme. Below are a number of past projects and DanceLive festivals through the years.

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