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Past Residencies

Click on the images each artist to read more on the diverse selection of projects, pieces or practices they developed during their time as a

Citymoves Artist in Residence

We accept a wide variety of artists and collectives, with each bringing a completely different outlook on movement to Citymoves' studio. Each Artist in Residence typically will lead the Thursday morning ProClass, which is attended by Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire based professional dance artists of varying levels of experience. It's a great opportunity to meet some of the Aberdeen dance community.

Katie Armstrong side profile. Looking forward, smiling with her arm to her head.
White & Givan. Dancer leaning head back with arms scrunched by their head.
Melissa Heywood side profile, arms crossing over each other in a circular motion.
Dawn Hartley, lunging with her arm raised smiling up toward it. In the background, trees and a brick wall.
Sofia Kondylia, Dance Woman poster. Sofia in a superhero suit, posing with one lege bent the other outstretched. One hand to the ground and one up in the air.
Claire Pencak, leaning backward with arms outstretched behind her.
Jack Webb. Two plastic hands touching fingers.
Steven Martin. Dancer in background with arms by their side. In foreground, transparent image of the same dancer in the light.
Sharon Took-Zozaya pushing a wheelbarrow full of branches and micellaneous fabrics. One leg kicking up to the side, resting on a tree.
Katie Taylor. Lying on the beach with head to camera and legs to sea.
Jorja Follina. Looking at her hand that is bent in front of her body towards her head. Other arm at a 90 degree angled shape from floor to arm.
The Norm Project. Three dancers on the beach, staggered in a diagonal line from the camera to the sea. All stepping forward with arms forward as they lean their bodies and heads behind them.
Elizabeth Schilling headshot, closed mouth half smile.
Shaper/Caper Small Town Boys graphic. Triangle with city scape in the background.
White & Givan embracing. One at the front with their arms stretched in a square shape to the side. Other behind holding their hand over the firsts eyes and the back of their head.
Laura Booth lying down with head to camera. Legs outstretched with feet pointed. One arm on her stomach and the other reaching straight up above her head.
Roisin O'Brien headshot, closed mouthsmiling.
David West, sliding diagonally towards the camera.
Emma Snellgrove, looking off the side with mouth open in mock suprise. Words 'Sex lets talk about it' written on either side of her.
Merva Israel. Transparent image of three dancers looking down, one walking. Rocks in trails on the ground.
Rosie Mackley headshot, open mouth smiling.
Aniela Piasecka. Stepping to the side with legs crossed. Leaning to their left with one arm on their knee and the other stretched straight in the air. Looking at the arm in the air.
Shaun Stickland crouching raised on the ground.

During my “Residency from home” I found that I was challenged and pushed differently as a creative, from different space availability to personal mindset. It forced me to think differently and really focus on what it is I want to accomplish and really utilise every small detail and surrounding. I also came to realise that as there was no official sharing of what I was exploring, the pressure of creating something set was lifted and I could just enjoy exploring the movement and thought process. I am extremely excited to pursue the creation even further and I cannot wait until we can all share and appreciate live dance again soon.

I would very much like to thank Citymoves (Dance Agency SCIO) for still supporting artists through this uncertain time, its organisations like this who really are pillars of support in the artistic community that others really should strive to be like.


 - Shaun Stickland

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