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Higher Dance class doing Ballet. Stretching with their arms out horizontally.

SQA Accredited
Higher Dance Qualification

Citymoves have ran the SQA accredited Higher Dance qualification for almost a decade, maintaining a 100% pass rate at our Anatomy Rooms hub.

Through the duration of the qualification candidates cover three dance styles - Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary. Candidates then use the skills they have learned to create their own piece of choreography and teach it to their peers to be performed in their final examination.

Alongside the physical classes, candidates study a professional choreography piece, learn about safe dance practice, the history and origin of a selected dance style as well as influential choreographers and much more.

Citymoves' Anatomy Rooms studio is the main hub for Higher Dance within Aberdeen City, however Citymoves also runs the qualification within the Aberdeenshire area operating in selected schools and venues. See below for further details.

Contact for further information or queries:

Higher Dance Course Leader

Dance Development Manager

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