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Terms of Use

Citymoves Dance Agency Terms & Conditions of Bookings *November 2022*


  • All participants are subject to the Terms and Conditions for bookings of classes/ performance/ event as shall be laid down from time to time.


  • Those wishing to book classes must complete the official booking process. No activity can commence until official confirmation of the booking is received by Citymoves Dance Agency.


  • Pre-booked classes or events may not be transferred by the participant to any other person or group without prior approval from Citymoves Dance Agency.


  • The contact person named in the online form will be the person with whom all official communication from Citymoves Dance Agency will take place. If there are any changes in the details of the contact person, Citymoves must be informed immediately.


  • The person named in the booking will be the person responsible for full payment of the booking.


  • All bookings include the time required to prepare, erect, dismantle and remove equipment as applicable.


  • Bookings for children under 18 years of age must be booked by a person aged 18 or over.

Cancellation Policy
  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice of a cancellation must be given to Citymoves Dance Agency, or failure to show on the given class/event time, will result in the person being charged for the booking.


  • Block bookings are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued in the unlikely event of cancellation of a class or workshop by Citymoves Dance Agency and will not be issued for situations out with our control.


  • If you wish to change or cancel a class/workshop, please inform Citymoves Dance Agency  by the end of the second week of term. When cancelling a class/workshop, credit will be issued for the remaining number of weeks, credit will be valid for 12 months.


  • Citymoves Dance Agency reserves the right to make any alterations or carry out essential maintenance without prior notice, although every effort will be made to minimise any disruptions to class bookings.


Code of Conduct

Please respect our Code of Conduct when on site. We are proud of our facilities as they provide a safe and collaborative environment with a view to inspiring the continuous development of dance that we all love.


  • Persons attending the class must be dressed suitably according to their intended activity.


  • No activity, which could be misconstrued or give offence to other persons, or to surrounding participants, will be permitted.


  • Supervising personnel / Tutors must always be obeyed during the activity. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the booking and have the authority to remove participants from the facility. Non-acceptance of supervisory personnel’s decision or any aggression or violence towards staff will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of those involved from the premises and the cancellation of all future bookings.


  • Only participants and tutors are permitted inside the facility during a booking time. For safety reasons children under the age of 18 are not allowed inside a booked session unless they are officially part of the booking and of the activity for which the booking was made.


  • Spectators are requested to enjoy all activities from within the designated areas only.


  • Access to the office arrears is not permitted unless accompanied by an authorised member of staff.


  • No items should be taken onto the floor facility except those needed for the intended activity of the class. Water, jumpers, etc should be left at the side of the floor in the interest of all participants’ safety.


  • No photography is permitted on site unless prior authorisation has been granted. All requests must go through reception, where you will be granted permission. These include the use of cameras, video equipment or phones. Any unauthorised persons taking photographs or filming will be asked to leave the premises.


  • Footwear must consist of dance shoes; no outdoor footwear is permitted on the dance floor.


  • No glass containers or bottles are allowed in and around the facility.


  • Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted in any area of the premises.


  • Chewing gum is not allowed in class.


  • All jewellery should be removed before attending class/workshop in the interest of the participant’s safety.


  • Money/valuables should be left in a safe area and not in an open area on view at any time.


  • Management accepts no responsibility for items lost/stolen on the premises, or for any loss, damage, or for any injury occurring in or in the vicinity of the facilities.


  • Any damage done to facilities, property, or equipment, fair wear and tear excepted, must be made good by the individual or group responsible for the damage.


  • Alcohol or drugs are not allowed in or around the premises, and no person who is in the opinion of the staff under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be admitted or allowed on or near the premises.


  • The management decisions on admission, allocation, use, operation or closure of the facilities are final.


The management reserve the right to:
  • Introduce, amend or delete such rules as may be required from time to time due to the needs of the service or due to changing circumstances.


  • Levy charges and fees as it considers appropriate for the facilities or services, and to alter such charges or fees at their sole discretion.


  • Refuse admission or the continued use of the facilities to any person or group who in their opinion are in breach of any management rule, or whose behaviours are such that it interferes with the safe, efficient running of the facility.


  • Close the premises for maintenance repair, holidays, or for any other reason. Where such closure occurs, no claim shall lie against Citymoves, its staff or personnel in respect of loss or inconvenience suffered.


We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring our high standards are maintained for generations to come.


Liability Waiver

By checking the box on our registration form you are agreeing to our liability waiver and all terms below, including cancellation/withdrawal from class, tuition payment agreements, and fee adjustments.


Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time for your class/ workshop/performance/ event, as latecomers may not be admitted.

I realise that any programme or dance class, such as what Citymoves Dance Agency provides, which involves movement and motion, can result in physical injury. I release Citymoves Dance Agency, its director, staff, and any tutors from all liability for injury to myself or to my child from their participation in classes, workshops, performances, or programmes.

Participants take all classes and workshops at their own risk. Please inform reception and your teacher of any medical condition that may affect your participation. We may require a doctor’s confirmation that your participation is approved.

In the event of an emergency please call 999 and direct the required service to the following address;


Citymoves Dance Agency

The Anatomy Rooms, Shoe Lane (off Queen Street), Aberdeen, AB10 1AL

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