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Dance for Education

tutors kneeling in front of a seated class of students

Citymoves' Education Programmes provide a foundational education in dance for young people who are passionate about dance, through our Higher Dance Classes,  as well as provide a resource to educators who wish to expand pupils' understanding of STEM subjects through creative teaching methods, such as 'Maths in Motion'.

We offer classes, in-school lessons, library and community centre sessions, and school partnerships.


We are always looking for opportunities to share the joy of dance in an educational setting; if you would like to learn more or suggest a programme, please contact us! 

Click here to explore our Dance Education Info Pack to develop your own Citymoves Dance Education Programme!

Education Programmes

Dancing Campers

Youth Camps

Citymoves provides a fun and creative youth camp for primary-age students during the school holidays.

3 dancers posing facing away from the camera

SQA Higher Dance

Citymoves runs an SQA accredited Higher Dance qualification, maintaining a 100% pass rate at our Anatomy Rooms hub.

interns in the lecture theatre smiling at eachother


Citymoves is committed to fostering the talent of early career dance and third sector professionals through our internships programme

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