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2024-2025 Residency Applications Now Open!

Citymoves Dance Agency SCIO is happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for our 2024/2025 Professional Residency Programme!


Applications are open for creative, daring, and inspiring artists who will develop Aberdeen’s dance community by sharing their work and practice. This round of applications is open for residencies to be completed from May 2024 - March 2025.


We accept a range of applications from artists looking for a creative space to experiment, explore & play, to those looking to develop an idea into a performance. Residency opportunities are open to anyone working in dance or performance, offering space in-kind, support as required and a stipend contribution towards the artist's total funding cost.


Citymoves are also committed to working with and supporting artists from under-represented groups. We now have a two-stage application process: an initial selection is made then this is narrowed down in a second stage selection process. If you are a person from an under represented group or have a disability and/or is neurodiverse you can self-select to be put forward automatically to the second round, if you choose to do so.

We also want to highlight that if you are an artist who has work that focuses on environmental awareness, that you can also choose to put yourself automatically through to the second stage of the selection process. As part of this, we are ringfencing one residency for an artist who works with Environmental and sustainable themes or is reflected in their practice.

We currently offer two options for residency applicants

- Non–Funded (ideal for locally based artists or those who are touring)

- Funded (£750 stipend)

(a small budget is also available for artist access costs)


If successful, professionals will be offered

- One week of studio space.

- A £750 stipend for a Funded Residency.

- Ideal for local artists or those who are touring, a Non-Funded Residency would offer studio space in-kind at varying times TBD.      


From selected residency artists, Citymoves requires

- An Open Professional Class on the Thursday of your residency from 10am – 11.30am. 

Citymoves predominantly supports individual dance artists and companies living and working in Scotland. We would like you to demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the community of Aberdeen.  

Examples include working with local dancers, sharing in a public space or studio, or sourcing a local focus group to further your research.  


We would also like to make our application process more accessible for every artist who would like to apply. Applications can now be done through a Google form, as a video submission, or as a voice recording with relevant notes and attachments. We are conscious that artists can spend a lot of their time applying to different residencies, funds, etc., so we would like to make this as straightforward and simple as possible by asking fewer questions with a smaller word count. We want to value the time artists take to establish their work.

Applications are read and reviewed by a panel of members from the Citymoves team and one freelance dance artist."


Apply for our residency programme here:


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