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Charlie Morrissey Workshop

Mind, Mass and Motion

This class starts with how we feel ourselves and others through our senses – seeing (hearing, feeling) the senses and the imagination as basic tools of survival. It will be an invitation to notice ourselves in relation to others, to space, noticing how we experience our own masses in motion. We’ll invite simultaneous experiences of lightness and weight, of leading and following, of fullness and emptiness - shifts of perception that alter our physicality as we move. We’ll play with some different ways of taking a ride on each others momentum – the class will be underpinned by some anatomical imagery to offer structure and substance to our explorations. It will be both practical and experimental – come and get involved.


Charlie Morrissey is a director/choreographer, performer, teacher, and researcher, working in the field of performance for 30 years. He is influenced by long-term working relationships with Steve Paxton, Siobhan Davies, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Scott Smith, Katye Coe, K.J.Holmes, Katie Duck and others.

Teaching is central to his practice and his classes are laboratories for exploration and discovery. He teaches for dance and theatre companies, institutions, festivals and independent organisations internationally.

Recent work has included collaborations with Siobhan Davies; performing in Quarantine’s Wallflower and 12 Last Songs; a commission from Candoco for a duet with Markéta Stránská coming up at the Lilian Bayliss theatre at Sadlers Wells; and devising and performing a new solo What’s not there at Tanzwerstatt Europa in Munich

Charlie also curates an international programme of dance events in collaboration with Rob Hopper at Wainsgate Chapel in Yorkshire funded by Arts Council and Sadlers Wells: Wainsgate Dances:


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