Here at Citymoves we aim to offer Professional Residencies, Bursaries and Projects to support and nurture dance

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We always strive to give feedback on our applications. However, due to the quick turnaround with this one-off funding,

we may not be able to provide detailed feedback. 

Funding is awarded in agreement with our Terms and Conditions.


For more information or an informal chat regarding residencies, bursaries or projects please email Megan Joyce,

Dance Development Coordinator 

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During my “Residency from home” I found that I was challenged and pushed differently as a creative, from different space availability to personal mindset. It forced me to think differently and really focus on what it is I want to accomplish and really utilise every small detail and surrounding. I also came to realise that as there was no official sharing of what I was exploring, the pressure of creating something set was lifted and I could just enjoy exploring the movement and thought process. I am extremely excited to pursue the creation even further and I cannot wait until we can all share and appreciate live dance again soon.

I would very much like to thank Citymoves (Dance Agency SCIO) for still supporting artists through this uncertain time, its organisations like this who really are pillars of support in the artistic community that others really should strive to be like.


 - Shaun Stickland

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